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Flag Bundles

Pride Flag Bundles

Want a specific pride flag? Try one of our bundles!

We’ve built our pride flag bundles to represent the many identities within the LGBTQ+ community. It’s always our goal to be as inclusive as possible with every product we create, but the LGBTQ+ is very diverse and unique (that’s what makes it so special!). We know these bundles may not represent every individual in the community, but it is our hope that one day they will. If you have any feedback, please let us know! Otherwise, we’ll be working on creating as many options and combinations as possible.

Original Rainbow
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Original Rainbow Life • Healing • Sunlight • Nature • Serenity • Spirit $144.00 USD
Lesbian Pride
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Lesbian Pride Life • Identity • Peace $78.00 USD
Gay Pride
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Gay Pride Nature • Serenity • Peace $78.00 USD
Transgender Pride
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Transgender Pride Journey • Identity • Peace $78.00 USD
Bisexual Pride
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Bisexual Pride Serenity • Spirit • Identity $78.00 USD
Pansexual Pride
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Pansexual Pride Sunlight • Journey • Identity $78.00 USD
Modern Pride
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Modern Pride Life • Healing • Sunlight • Nature • Serenity • Spirit • Journey • Identity • Community • Peace $228.00 USD
Gift Card
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Gift Card Pride Candle Company from $10.00 USD