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Discover the new Love is Love Collection! Save 13% if you buy all three.

Love is Love Collection

Love is Love Collection


Three new candles made with a whole lot of love

Our new collection was inspired by, you guessed it, Love. Love in all shapes, forms, genders, and identities. The love you share with your partner, your friends, yourself—or simply your freedom to love whoever you want, because that’s a big deal. Wherever you find love in your life, celebrate it.

These candles were born from the belief that nothing should stand in the way of our freedom to love who we want and how we want. We spent a long time finding the fragrances to represent such a special feeling, and we could not be more proud to share them with you.

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True Damask Rose • Oud • Amber $34.00 USD
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Self Bergamot • Leather • Lavender • Clean Musk $34.00 USD
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Free Melon • Grapefruit • Lime • Ozone • Musk $34.00 USD
Love is Love Collection - 3 Pack
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Love is Love Collection - 3 Pack True • Self • Free $88.00 USD