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Burning to Give Back

Pride Candle Company is committed to giving a minimum of 10% of all proceeds back to organizations working to advance equity and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.  Through March 2021 we are proud to support the amazing work of Athlete Ally with 10% of our proceeds. 

Sports remains one of the greatest socialization mechanisms in the world — it communicates values without relying on any one language, and its most successful participants are known and respected globally. And yet, an entire community of people remain systematically excluded from sport.

Athlete Ally believes that everyone should have equal access, opportunity, and experience in sports — regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Our mission is to end the rampant homophobia and transphobia in sport and to activate the athletic community to exercise their leadership to champion LGBTQI+ equality.

Athlete Ally Logo

Some Recent Victories Include:

  • Creating the landmark campaign, Principle 6, which successfully lobbied the International Olympic Committee to include sexual orientation in the Olympic Charter.
  • Co-authoring the NCAA’s first-ever policy and resource guide on LGBTQ issues for all coaches, athletes, and administrators.
  • Working with the NBA, NCAA, and ACC on their historic decisions to move the competitions from North Carolina in the wake of anti-LGBTQ law HB2.
  • Launching the historic Athletic Equality Indexa first of its kind ranking of the LGBTQ inclusiveness of collegiate athletic departments
  • Partnering with transgender high school wrestler Mack Beggs to publish a PSA pushing back against the anti-trans bathroom bill introduced in Texas Special Session. That session concluded without the passing of an anti-LGBTQ bill.
  • Successfully launching a global campaign calling on FIBA to overturn its discriminatory ban on players competing in hijabs.
  • Leading the successful #WomenInFIFA campaign, engaging more than 150 Olympic and professional athletes in calling on FIFA reforms to include greater representation of women and increased support for women’s football.
  • Leading athlete, league and team participation in policy-focused campaigns to persuade Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker to protect transgender people from discrimination in public spaces in 2016.